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Safety & Security
Window Films

To help reduce the risk of intruders gaining unlawful entry to your home or office, safety and security films are the perfect cost effective option.


Safety and Security Window Films
in the Bay of Plenty

FilmTint have installed safety and securtity films for businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Using high quality window films to transform dangerous glass into child safe glass or offer the best protection from intruders.

Block intruders from entering.

Windows are often seen by intruders as the easiest point of access.  Safety and Security Window Films provide a super tough skin for your windows that is much more difficult to break through, giving you time to act and encouraging the perpetrator to move on.

Safety and Security for your Home.

 Many houses contain annealed glass that when broken can turn into lethal shards.  A clear safety film can be applied to the glass, bringing it up to AS/NZS2208 and making it perfectly safe for your family.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage.

Safety film applied to the glass and tied to the frame using structural silicon provides an affordable and tough system to help strengthen your glass window panes preventing spontaneous glass breakages and saving you thousands on replacements costs.

Safety and security Film + Spontaneous Glass Breakage

What is spontaneous glass breakage?

Toughened glass can sometimes be prone to spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulfide inclusions, structural movements or earthquake affects.  With Safety film applied to the glass it ensures that should one of these panes break, no glass is likely to fall on anyone.  Film Tint can provide this affordable and tough system providing you peace of mind.

Safety and security Film Benefits

Why Choose Safety and Security Film?

Safety and Security Window Films have a wide range of advantages – they also come in tinted versions to stop intruders and UV Rays, the video below demonstrates the effectiveness of Safety and Security Film.

  • Minimise the risk of being burgled.
  • Reduce liability from shattered glass or glass breakage.
  • Added safety for your family home and children.


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