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House Window Tinting

FilmTint Service all of the Bay of Plenty, including Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane.

House Window Tinting has many benefits.

Add Privacy | Reduce Heat | Minimise Glare | Reduce Cooling Costs | Protect Furnishings | Added Safety from Glass Breakage.


House Window Tinting Bay of Plenty

FilmTint specialises in the supply & installation of glass window films for houses and all types of residential properties.

FilmTint use the highest quality films on the market today.  Brands such as 3M provide films that offer unsurpassed performance, looks and durability.

Stay cool in Summer

Solar control window films such as 3M Night Vision can reduce the heat that comes into your house drastically.  Typically North and West facing windows let through significant heat here in New Zealand.  After applying an appropriate film, sitting by the window can feel like you are sitting in the shade!

Protect your flooring and furnishings

Sun damage to furnishings and flooring is a a serious problem in New Zealand.  Solar control window films can significantly reduce this.  All window films stop 99% of the UV light, but this is only part of the problem.  Correctly selected window film such as the virtually clear 3M Prestige can provide the highest level of protection available today whilst still letting lots of light into your home.

Added privacy ‘see out, not in’

With many homes overlooking public spaces or neighbours the need for privacy in the home is ever growing.  Window films can allow you to see out clearly but prevent others seeing in through the glass during the daytime.


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