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House Window Tinting Tauranga 

Film Tint Service all of the Bay of Plenty, including Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane.

House Window Tinting has many benefits:   Add Privacy | Minimise Glare | Improve Heating/Cooling | Reduce UV by up to 99% | Added Safety from Glass Breakage.

Cool in summer. Warm in winter.


House Window Tinting Bay of Plenty

Film Tint specialises in the installation and supply of wide range of glass window films for houses and all types of residential properties.

Film Tint use the highest quality films on the market today.  Brands such as 3M provide films that offer unsurpassed performance, looks and durability.

Stay cool in Summer

Window Film Technology has improved dramatically in the past decade, films such as 3m™ Thinsulate have the ability to help keep your home cooler in summer.

Save on your heating & cooling

Rejection of heat, glare and UV rays your air conditioning units don’t need to work overtime to cool or warm your space ultimately saving on your energy bills. 

Added privacy while still enjoying the sun

Having a great view is worth enjoying but minimises your in-home privacy, window film can prevent others seeing in through the glass during the day.

How to Select a Window Film

Window Tint has wide range of options.

Window Film and Window Tints have advanced a lot in the past decade with 100’s of product options available selecting the right film for you can become overwhelming. If you want to reduce heat, block glare, increase privacy, minimise UV’s. Options are wide-ranging and each window film consists of their own unique attributes.

Film Tint has dedicated consultants to help select the best option for your specific circumstances.


Window Films that help heating and cooling.

Recently film manufacturers have produced clear films that can be applied to any window and gives it the same U value (insulating value) as double-glazing!

Films such as 3M Thinsulate can stop that precious warm air from disappearing out through your windows.  As many Bay of Plenty windows are not double-glazed Insulating Films provide a great energy saving alternative.

Why Window Tint your home

Window Tinting has many benefits.

Window Film and Window Tinting has plenty of benefits when it comes to your home:

  • Reduce Heating and cooling costs – window tint can reduce outside tempretures by up to 12 Degrees.
  • Reduce Glare on Computer and Television screens.
  • Stop Carpet, Floors and Furniture Fading.
  • One Way Window Privacy during the daytime.
  • Minimize the effects of harmful UV Rays.

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