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Window Frosting 
and Privacy Films

Window Frosting Bay of Plenty.

FilmTint can expertly install and supply window frosting and privacy decorative films.

Add style and privacy to your bathroom, office, home or shop.


Window Frosting and Privacy Films

Bay of Plenty.

FilmTint can supply and expertly install window frosting for your home or office, providing privacy and creating a sharp decorative look.

FilmTint can advise on the best solution for your circumstances, if your looking for style and privacy, window frosting is a great option.

Add Privacy to your Home or Office.

Window Frosting is a great option to provide your home or office with added privacy in the day and night.

Add style with a practical purpose.

Window Frosting can also be used with customised designs to not only add style to your home or office but the practicality of added privacy.

Let the light in, keep eyes out.

Window frosting still allows for levels of light to enter a room, whilst stopping anyone from looking in.

Why Window Frosting

Window Tint or Window Frosting?

Window Tint and Window Frosting have very different purposes and applications, Window Tint will only offer daytime one-way privacy whereas frosting works day and night. This is what makes it perfect for bathrooms. However, frosted films do not have the UV or Heating/Cooling properties a quality window tint will have.


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