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Got a questions about window tinting and film options for your property?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our FilmTint operators.


Can double glazed windows be tinted?

Yes.  In most cases an appropriate architectural film can be applied to double glazed windows without any risk, however a detailed inspection of the glass type and joinery as well as correct film selection is vital.  Your FilmTint specialist will happily visit your property, assess your situation and provide you with options and a quote.

Can window film give me privacy in the daytime and the nighttime?

Frosted films such as 3M Haze allow light to pass through but no vision through the glass.  This gives day and nighttime privacy. 

One-way vision can be achieved in the daytime only, where the window film makes it easy to see out but not in.  As soon as the light balance changes and it becomes darker outside than inside then it doesn’t work.

Your FilmTint specialist can advise you on the best privacy solution for your given situation.

My furniture & flooring is fading.  Can window film stop that?

Yes.  All window films stop 99% of the UV.  But that is only responsible for 40% of the damage.  By also reducing the heat and visible light, using an appropriate solar control film, you can protect your furnishings.

3M Prestige series is a virtually clear film than can provide the same protection as much darker and reflective options.

Can window film be removed from glass?

Yes.  In most cases old window film can be removed from glass and the glass will come up as if brand new.  This applies to all glazing except some types of toughened or low-E glass.

FilmTint offers a film removal service.

How do I clean window film?

You can clean your window film in much the same way you would clean any window, the only difference being that you cannot use anything abrasive to clean the film.  Scrubbing vigorously with a scratchy cloth will damage the scratch resistant coating, which will lead to the breakdown of the film.  A soft cloth, soapy water and a squeegee are recommended but any window cleaning products, such as Windex are fine to use.

Does the film go on the inside or outside of the glass?

Most of the time the film is installed on the inside of the glazing, this gives a good clean finish and extensive warranties.  Some circumstances call for an external film to be used.  These may include access issues, or thermal fracture possibilities.  Your FilmTint specialist can assess and advise the best course of action.

How much does window film cost?

The price of window film supplied and installed can range from $70 per m2 right through to $300 per m2.  Film type, window pane sizes and access are all taken into account.  Your FilmTint specialist will visit your property, measure, assess and provide you with a quote there and then.

What brands and warranties do you offer?

Film Tint only offer the highest quality brands available today that have a proven track record and are backed by extensive manufacturers and installation warranties.  Most films come with lifetime warranties for residential applications and 12 year warranties for commercial applications.  We primarily use films from 3M, Avery Dennison & Llumar.

I already have tinted glass, why would I need window film?

A tint in the glass itself is great for aesthetic appeal of a home but does little to curb the effects of the sun, such as heat or damage.  Solar films applied to the tinted glass can however stop up to 80% of the heat coming through and protect all your furnishings from damage.

I have been given a much cheaper price for my home tinting from a competitor. Why?

It is very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for’.  Unless you are using the big brand names such as 3M, Avery or Llumar then you run the risk of the film failing after a short period of time, with no support from the ‘cheaper’ supplier. 

The install quality itself is also a major factor.  FilmTint specialists install to the highest standard in the world today.

The FilmTint specialist will also help you select the correct product.  Often we see that a ‘cheaper’ competitor has supplied an incorrect product such as automotive film, leading to unsatisfied customers, film failure or glass breakage!

Can I buy the film and install it myself?

Yes you can but… The warranty will not apply.  It is very unlikely that you will install it well.  You will have to foot the bill for wastage.  In most cases it has worked out more expensive for people doing it themselves. 

Does window film keep the heat in?

A regular solar film only stops the heat coming in.  It does nothing to insulate the house.  This is what 3M Thinsulate or double glazing does.    3M Thinsulate is a clear film that can be applied to the inside of regular glazing that then gives the window the same insulating value as double glazing!

Does window film reduce noise from outside?

Window film does nothing to reduce noise.  Double glazing is the best option for this.


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