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If you search online about ultraviolet rays, you will find lots of information that you should protect yourself against it. Experts will recommend effective methods for successfully escaping their harmful effects, but how do UV rays actually affect you? This article would enumerate what could happen if you have excessive UV rays exposure and why you should take them seriously.


What Are UV Rays?

UV rays are electromagnetic radiation coming off from the sun. However, the sun is not the only source for these waves because even human-made products like tanning beds and welding torches can produce the same radiation. UV rays can be categorised into three groups:

  • UVA rays – This is the type of UV rays that has the least amount of energy. It is the group responsible for long-term skin damage, such as the wrinkles, and is also linked to skin cancer.
  • UVB rays – These rays are the main reason people get a sunburn. They have a slightly higher energy level than UVA rays. 
  • UVC rays – These are the highest energy rays, which mean they do not reach the Earth thanks to the ozone layer. However, artificial products produce this ray, so you must protect yourself against these devices. 


The Serious Effects of UV Rays

Here are some manifestations of extreme exposure to UV rays:

1. Skin Cancer

When your skin is exposed to high amounts of UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, it can dramatically damage your skin cells’ genetic makeup. Over time, this damage can accumulate. 

While skin cells are designed to repair themselves, they cannot successfully repair everything. Any unrepaired damage can build up, and it can make your skin cells out of control or multiply rapidly. When this happens, you have a higher chance of getting skin cancer by getting malignant tumours.

2. Sunburn

Spending vacation in a sunny place is always a nice thing to do. However, when exposed to UV rays for long periods, your skin can get burnt. Exposure to natural and artificial sunlight will make your skin perform its natural process of protection. It will produce melanin to block these harmful rays. When there is excess melanin, it can make your skin appear tan, but too much of it can burn your skin. 

Remember that you do not only get sunburn on sunny days. You can also experience it during cloudy or cool days because water, sand, snow, and other surfaces can reflect UV rays. 

3. Premature Aging

Aging skin is completely normal, but exposure to UV rays can speed up its process. UVA rays typically bring about the formation of free radicals within the skin. Since it has longer rays than UVB and UVC, it can deeply penetrate the dermis and break your collagen fibres. When these fibres get damaged, it increases abnormal elastin production, triggering incorrectly rebuilt skin. As such, fine lines, deep wrinkles, and dark spots are only some of the skin conditions that UV rays can accelerate. 

4. Cataracts or Snow Blindness

Exposure to sun rays can also cause eye damages, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and snow blindness. Getting exposed to intense UV rays without protection and over a short interval can immediately cause sunburn in the eye called photokeratitis. It is a painful experience that can result in a blurry vision or temporary blindness. The long-term UV rays raise your risk of getting tissue elevations on your eyes’ surface and also lead to more permanent eye damage.



As long as there is a sun, there will be UV rays. As such, there is no other way to prevent UV rays exposure than to shield yourself against it. This ultimately means protecting your skin, eyes, car, and even house from the harmful effects of the sun. In fact, a simple added layer of protection on your windows can reduce your exposure to these harmful rays. 

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