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Commercial window films are increasingly being used in various office settings today due to their benefits. However, there are still a number of property owners who are hesitant to get window tints because of their indoor plants. Some think that window films could prevent their plants from getting enough sunlight, and eventually, kill them. What’s the truth, though? 


You Only Need to Water Them Less

With commercial window tints, you won’t only save on electricity bills, but on water-related expenses as well. There will be less evaporation in the office as the films keep the sun’s heat outside. In turn, plants will need to be watered less often. Indeed, some plants may go through a new adjustment period when commercial window tints are installed, but they could thrive when they’re not exposed to as much heat and direct sunlight. Keep in mind, UV rays are harmful to plants, too!


Your Plants Will Still Receive a Sufficient Amount of Light

If you have leafy plants, you can guarantee that they will thrive despite the commercial window tints. This is because your plants will still get proper amounts of light despite the window tints, which means you can still care for your plants as normal. 


It Helps Improve the Condition for Plants

In most cases, commercial window films help improve the condition of the plants. That is why plants flourish even more despite the installation of the tints. Why? This is because less of their moisture will evaporate over time. As mentioned, less watering may even be necessary, and this can prevent root rot. 


Most Plants Will Recover

There’s no denying that some plants may become fussy when window films are installed, but this is normal. As mentioned, some plants will undergo another adjustment period before they become normal again. It’s very seldom that an office plant will die completely because of commercial window tints. However, if you’re unsure which plants will thrive in your office environment after window tints have been installed, it’s important you contact a plant expert. 

As you can see, commercial window tints will not kill your office plants. In fact, most of them will welcome the addition because UV rays are harmful to plants as well. Window tinting can help prevent these UV rays from penetrating your workplace, which will promote a safer environment, not only for humans but for your plants as well! 


You Can Get a Lot Out of Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tints can help preserve your plants in the office as well as other things. Window tints will also help protect carpeting, office furniture and other devices in the office. Today, you can get commercial window tinting in various colours and decorative options; you can even find one that is well-suited for your brand. 

All you need to do is find the right commercial window tint supplier that can provide you with high-quality window films and superior service. With that, research thoroughly to ensure you get your money’s worth. 

For quality window tinting in New Zealand, we can help you here at Film Tint NZ. We specialise in office window tinting, and we supply and install 3M window films. Contact us today. 

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