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Investing in commercial window film solutions may be something that your workplace didn’t gravitate towards at first. Now, you may be interested in it more as you see other workplaces and commercial buildings having it installed. But what exactly does it bring to your office, especially in terms of functionality and productivity? 

This article will discuss three common workplace issues you may not be aware of that can easily be addressed through commercial window tinting. Take this as an opportunity to ensure that you can provide the perfect ergonomic work environment for your employees. That way, you can easily meet your business goals!

1. Protects against glare from computer screens and outside

Many modern-day offices use computers and natural lighting as integral parts of their daily operations. However, there are crucial disturbances brought about by glare from the computer screens and windows, affecting your employees’ vision. At times, it’s something that individuals shrug off, but repeated exposure to harsh glares can lead to eyesight problems, affecting your co-workers’ performance at work and well-being for the rest of their lives. 

Fortunately, installing the right window tint to your workspace can protect everyone from glare, ensuring that employees can easily turn down their computer’s screen brightness and rely on safe artificial light. You can also save more on electricity costs due to the reduced consumption of computer lighting and fluorescent bulbs.

2. Provides effective air conditioning

You and your co-workers may like the temporary mental breaks of looking outside as you watch people and cars go by your workplace. However, untinted windows can also bring in unwelcome, intense UV rays that can heat your surroundings. As a result, it can affect your air conditioner’s functionality since you have to turn the setting to a lower temperature. In the long run, these instances can lead to ineffective heat control, increased electricity costs, and higher maintenance bills due to overworked HVAC systems. 

Investing in commercial window tinting allows you and your employees to use your air conditioning with just an easy turn of the thermostat, meaning efficient temperature control at reasonable costs. You can also avoid expensive maintenance payments since you aren’t pushing your HVAC to the limit. This way, your co-workers can stay focused on their work and rest when they need to recharge.  

3. Aids work environment aesthetics 

Your office may look unprofessional and dull, affecting your employees’ general mood and productivity, leading to complacency. Fortunately, you can easily brighten the office and keep it looking professional by installing the right window tinting. 

There are also safety and anti-graffiti window films which are mostly seen among the most well-established offices. You can easily incorporate other workplace solutions to sustain healthy productivity and professionalism!



Window tinting can be that thin layer of protection you need to address your office’s concerns with lighting and temperature. Fortunately, you now have a better idea of its place as an investment in functionality and productivity. You just have to find the best tinting service to ensure you get the ideal price and installation for your workplace. Get your building tinted today! 

Are you looking for professional window tinting services in Bay of Plenty? We at Film Tint NZ can provide you with that. We specialise in commercial and residential window film solutions, ensuring you can solve any light and heat inconvenience. Contact us to decide on the perfect window tint for your workplace and other spaces you would like to protect! 

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