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Having a window film installed in the windows of your home, building or even car instantly improves their aesthetics while being incredibly functional. Some of your window film’s functions include keeping your interiors much cooler, saving you from energy expenses and protecting you from the heat and dangerous ultraviolet radiation. 

Because it’s giving you so many benefits for your properties, you’re probably wondering exactly how long can your window film last before environmental elements impact it. Sadly, your window film will deteriorate over time, especially without proper care. Besides that, using low-quality tint will also show signs of wear and tear much faster compared to premium tints. 

If you want to protect your premium window film, keep reading. We’ve listed tips on what you can do to help your window film last longer. Let’s begin!


Factors that affect your window film’s lifespan

Before jumping into our tips on how you can help keep your window film for much longer, you must know the different factors that affect its lifespan. 

One of the most crucial elements that affect the longevity of your tint is the quality of the installation. This is crucial because film installations are linked to the durability of your window tint. 

The next factor that impacts your window film is direct exposure to extreme temperatures and sunlight. These factors can quickly degrade the quality and efficiency of your tint as well as worsen your film’s adhesive, leading in bubbles coming out of your film. 

Thankfully, reputable and premium window film specialists and providers will include warranties when you purchase window film and have it installed. These warranties will tackle fading, adhesive problems and more. 


Tips on maintaining your window film

The key to improving the longevity of your window film is by properly maintaining it from the moment you have it installed. And with that, there are some things you should watch out for to make sure your window film lasts longer.

1. Understand how to care for it

After the installation and curing process, make sure you follow the recommended care tips that your window film provider shared with you to maintain your tint properly. 

After curing, you should never polish your tint with any product that contains ammonia because this will break down the integrity of your window film. Instead, apply a product that is specifically made for tints because these won’t damage and chip your film.

Besides that, make sure you use microfiber towels to prevent any scratches and wipe circles when cleaning your windows. 

2. Be cautious of the objects you put near the windows

Most window films are scratch-resistant; however, even if they are, you still need to be cautious about the object you put close to your window film.

Sharp, crips and dull objects can still do damage to your window film, so make sure you keep activities involving these objects to a minimum or in a safe distance. 

3. Each tint has its purpose

When caring for your window film, remember that each type serves a different purpose. For example, Ultraviolet protective film will have a quicker lifespan because of constant sun exposure. With this, its efficiency will reduce over time, so it’s best to ask your provider for a proper step to maximise its full potential. 



Installing window film in your home, building, or car is extremely beneficial, and can protect you from harmful elements. And because of this, you want to make sure that your film will stay with you for a long time. By remembering these tips and purchasing premium window film from a reputable supplier, you’ll increase the lifespan of your window film and have more protection for the coming months. 

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