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There is nothing more uncomfortable than experiencing a warm temperature at home, particularly during summer. In such situations, you may consider installing an air conditioning unit to keep your space cool and make the whole household comfortable as well. Even your cooling appliance will have to work harder when your windows allow too much heat inside your home.

However, did you know that window tinting can actually make a difference in your home’s cooling temperature? That’s what we’re going to tackle in this article! Read on more to find out about how window tints help keep your home cool:


How your home absorbs heat from sunlight

There are three primary types of rays coming from the sun, including visible light, infrared, and ultraviolet rays. Keep in mind that they easily and quickly pass through your unprotected windows panes and go as far as hitting various objects or items inside the area. These materials naturally absorb the rays and release them inside your home, which allows heat to circulate around your space. This is essentially why the whole household feels that the place is too warm!


What homeowners do to reduce heat

There are various ways in which homeowners consider reducing heat at home brought by the sunlight. One thing they often do is to hang drapes and curtains in their windows to prevent direct sunlight. Another way is to use exterior shutters to block out sunlight completely. However, the problem is that while the first option doesn’t exhibit effective heat reduction, the latter completely blocks your windows, leaving your room in total darkness. Yet, the good thing is that there is a far better alternative than these two!


How window tints are more effective

Sure, installing an HVAC system is the perfect solution to regulate the temperature at home. As mentioned above, getting an air conditioning unit will absolutely make a difference, but that’s a different story that can be costly for most homeowners.

As far as window installation is concerned, window tinting is your best alternative in reducing heat at home because it is more effective compared to installing drapes, shutters, and other window treatments. In fact, it has been proven to reject the sun’s heating energy by up to 70 per cent! That way, it gets rid of potential heat hotspots and regulates the temperature at home.


How window tinting works to keep your home cool

If you’re wondering how window tinting works, the window tints actually intercept the infrared and ultraviolet rays, which happen to be thermal rays. When these rays are intercepted, the heat-creating wavelengths are blocked, and it stops the unwanted solar rays from penetrating your windows while still enabling natural light to come in. In short, window tints filter the heat yet allows the light to come in to create a comfortable living space!



At this point, you now know how something as simple as window tinting helps keep your home cool. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in window films and install them in your residential property. Aside from its cool temperature, you can also take advantage of its other key benefits, such as aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, privacy, security, and noise reduction. With all these, you have all the right reasons to consider window tinting for your property!

Are you looking to install window tints in NZ? We’ve got you covered! We provide window tinting services in Bay of Plenty for both residential and commercial properties, along with specialised window films such as anti-graffiti, frosted and privacy, and safety and security films. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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