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Newer homes utilise plenty of glass products, as post-modern design focuses on playing with natural light. Glass products look exquisite and luxurious when appropriately used, taking on a jaw-dropping appearance thanks to its crystal clear shine in some architectural marvels. With fewer light fixtures used around homes and huge windows found in different areas of a house, this requires some kind of privacy feature to keep yourself safe. 

Bathrooms are a part of the house that requires the most privacy. Some homes have bathrooms that face great lighting sources, offering natural light through a strategically designed window. However, regardless of its size, privacy is always an issue, and you want to make sure you protect yourself from nosy neighbours and prying eyes.


The Solution? Window Tinting

For privacy solutions that maintain the beautiful aesthetics of a window that also keep inhabitants safe from outside entities, window film is a great option for any home. Your bathroom may have a nice window with a breathtaking view, and putting blinds on these may just ruin the entire aesthetic of the design. To preserve the window size and visibility peeking out, tinting your windows is one of the best services available. 


How Window Film Products Work

Applying the window film from indoors is done through a mounting solution or adhesive. These film products can come in different types, and some of the most popular ones are the one-way window film types. These are measured and cut to the specifications of your home’s glass fixtures and are applied with proper tools. 


Best Residential Home Window Tinting Solutions

Tinting windows is gaining traction due to the need for privacy in homes. With safety being a primary concern for many homeowners who still want to preserve the aesthetics of their home, film products are best when applied to the correct windows. Similar to cars, tinting provides security from thieves and outside entities. 

Here are five types of standard window tint products that are widely used:


1. One-Way Mirror Tint

This kind of tint is the type you see in interrogation room scenes in movies wherein the protagonists are looking at a suspect through a window. When you put this in a bathroom, you can look out, but people outside cannot look in thanks to reflective solar properties. 


2. Window Frosting

This is an excellent option for bathroom windows that face strange areas. Frosting effects make the glass appear cloudy and block most UV rays that hit the surface. Double pane windows will benefit from this kind of tint. 


3. Dark Tint

A dark film tint is not the most popular option, but this ensures the best safety for both daytime and nighttime use. This film is best used for bathrooms with windows that face high-traffic areas and for windows that are better off covered up, allowing only a small stream of natural light.


4. Patterned and Colour Film

Stained glass looks can be possible with patterned film. If your child has a bathroom window, they will appreciate having a lovely pattern on the glass to excite them. They may also enjoy the colour film that brings in coloured light and make the bathroom experience more enjoyable. 


5. Privacy Film

Privacy film can range from fully private to semi-private, with different tints and shades to cover the space from any onlookers. This product is an excellent option due to the variable range of shades to decorative patterns and tinting that can match any home’s design. 



When dealing with windows in your bathroom, privacy has to be at the top concern. It is essential to protect you and your family in your home from curious passersby or malicious individuals. With the rise in home security issues and spying, it pays to be safe by investing in proper window tinting for protection. 

Film Tint NZ is a specialist at offering window tinting services in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. With a wide selection of security film and window film products for residential and commercial properties, we can install premium products in no time. Contact us to learn more about how you can secure your home using glass tinting film.

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