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Window tinting is booming, and many residential property owners and business owners are discovering its incredible benefits, from protecting your interiors from the harsh glare to keeping prying eyes away. These benefits make window tints an excellent investment that gives you high rewards. 

Choosing the perfect window tint for your building isn’t that easy. There are several types of window film you have to choose from, and there are a bunch of factors you need to consider before finally finding “the one.” 

Before selecting, identify any issues in your workspace. Perhaps your space reaches uncomfortable temperature, there’s not too much privacy or there’s too much glare from the sun. Whatever it is, there is a window film that will help you resolve these issues. 

To help you with this, here’s a list of the different types of window films in the market today:


Solar window film

One of the go-to choices for window film by property owners is a solar window film. If you need help balancing out the temperatures throughout the building, this is the film for you. 

Solar film’s most important feature is reducing heat by 80%, which means it does a great job in controlling and lowering your energy bills as well. 


Anti-glare window film

Natural light is awesome, but getting too much sunlight in your space can be uncomfortable. Too much glare can brighten up your room, but too much of it can often cause strain to your eyes, which can be unbearable, especially if you spend long hours in that space.

Unfortunately, glare can affect the way you and your team work and could decrease their productivity. Thankfully, an anti-glare window film exists to help you solve this problem. 

Anti-glare not only minimises the entry of light to your room, but also regulates temperatures and has anti-UV characteristics that make it an ideal choice. 


Security window film

One of the biggest priorities of an office space is privacy. If you feel like your area needs an additional layer of protection, consider getting a security window film. 

Security window film is made up of thick, layered and laminated polyester film, making it incredibly durable. There are other types of security films that are thinner but as durable as thicker security films. However, these are slightly more expensive than thicker ones. These designs minimise glass shattering, protecting your space from break-ins and vandalism. Since the number of robbery and break-in cases may continue to rise, avoiding these scenarios by adding another type of protection will prevent them from happening. 

With this type of window tint, you can rest easy and go about your day without any worry, also guaranteeing your employees’ safety. 


Decorative window film

If you’re looking for a functional and aesthetically pleasing tint, decorative window film is for you. The great thing about this film is that aside from getting all the beneficial functions of the other types of film, it also allows you to personalise your building with various designs. 

Another advantage of decorative film is that you can also incorporate this film in your interior glass dividers and rooms. This allows you to reinforce your company’s branding and divide different rooms through the glass and decorative film. 



Now that you know the different types of window films you can choose from, all you need to do is figure out what your office building and employees need.

Choosing the right tint shouldn’t be complicated and working with the right company, such as Film Tint NZ, will help you choose the perfect one for you. They are a team of experts who can help you throughout the process of selecting and installing your office window film. Once you’ve selected a tint, have it installed and experience all the benefits you get from window films.

Film Tint NZ is a company that specialises in supplying and installing house and office window tinting in Tauranga. For 15 years, we have been the superior manufacturer of high-quality window films in the industry. Find the perfect window film for your space today!

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