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Window tints have become a common addition in window treatments for commercial buildings and residential neighbourhoods alike, but it was only used primarily to improve the functionality of the space. 

Window films can boost privacy without obstructing outdoor views and are well-coveted for their ability to block UV rays, but there are additional perks that meet the eye. The rise of decorative tinted windows is creating unique opportunities to create stylish accents in your home in more ways than one. 

With that in mind, here are some brilliant ways to make the most of decorative window tints and how you can use it to add privacy and aesthetic appeal to your space: 


Tip #1: Add A Frosted Charm To Your Bedroom Windows 

Windows play a pivotal role in increasing the warmth and openness of a room. The natural light can cast a mood-boosting glow in your space, but it can also complement the theme of your bedroom. If you don’t want to use curtains but need some semblance of privacy, why not get the best of both worlds by adding a frosted tint to your windows? 

You can add frosted glass at the bottom to obscure the neighbours from taking a peek, while the upper half can have a clear tint to let the light in without disrupting the view. You can also incorporate prints that match the walls to cohesive design. 


Tip #2: Transform Your Kitchen Mirrors Into A One-Way Mirror 

Adding the sink by the windows is a classic choice for many homeowners as it gives a relaxing view of your garden. It lets you overlook the calm scenery and watch over the kids playing by your yard, but it can be awkward to spot your neighbours taking a peek inside your home. 

Fortunately, you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors as you clean up in the kitchen by adding a reflective film on the exterior surface of the window. Not only does it give you an eagle-eye perspective of the outside world, but you can also feel secure with the maximum privacy it offers. 


Tip #3: Add A Colourful Touch To Your Living Room Windows By Adding Faux Stained Glass In Corners

Stained glass can introduce a dramatic flair to architectural buildings, but it can fit in homes too without overwhelming the eyes with its bold imagery. Instead, you can go for understated elegance by adding stained glass to the corners of your living room window to create a unique applique that is subtle yet stunning. 


The Bottom Line: Maximising The Potential Of Decorative Window Films To Enhance Your Space

Decorative window films are not limited to specific functions. While it’s an excellent addition to blocking harmful UV rays and establishing privacy, there are crafty ways to utilise it in unsuspecting places around the house. 

If you’re looking for house tinting services in the Bay of Plenty, we’re your best option. At Film Tint NZ, we’re a window tinting company in New Zealand that can give your window treatments as much panache and practicality to enhance your home. Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you!

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