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Every year, an average household in New Zealand spends over $2,000 on utilities, and the majority of this comes from heating and air conditioning systems. For this reason alone, many homeowners and even business owners strive to find more efficient ways to save on their utility bills, and one of the best solutions is window tinting. 


How Window Tinting Helps

Keep in mind that window films are not only to protect your property from the harmful rays of the sun or to provide shade inside the property without worrying about glares. One of the biggest benefits of window tints is that they can regulate the temperature inside, which helps property owners save more money on utilities. 

For commercial tints, it can block up to 80% of heat, while the ones used for residential properties can block up to 55%. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about your interior looking dank and gloomy because of the tint. Most films today are infused with advanced technologies that make the tints less obvious. 


How Much Money You Can Save

At this point, many people are curious to know how much money they can actually save when they invest in a window film. The thing is that this will depend on several factors, such as the number and the sizes of windows you have, the type of glass, and their directions, among others. 

When it comes to window direction, for example, if the window doesn’t get much direct sunlight, then it won’t be as energy-efficient. Instead, window tinting is highly-recommended for windows facing south because these are the ones that get the most sunlight. In that sense, energy-saving becomes more apparent in this situation. 

Aside from these window factors, you also have to identify the right film to use. Know that there are specific tints that are perfect for cold areas, while there are ones that will work best on properties that experience warmer climates. 

One thing to remember when you install window tints is that it’s not an overnight miracle because it will take some time for you to see the significant reduction in your bills. Although it will be a costly initial investment, the cost-saving features and other valuable benefits that they offer will all be worth the time and money spent! Nevertheless, there is no specific amount when it comes to how much you can save when you install window films. What’s important is that there can be a significant reduction that you can benefit from in the years to come. 



With innovative window tinting options, you can make your property more energy-efficient. Instead of installing curtains that require lots of maintenance, window films are the best choice because of the benefits that they offer. As mentioned, they can help save you more money on utility bills as they help regulate the temperature inside the property. Moreover, they can also protect people within the property and the pieces of furniture from the harmful rays of the sun. That way, you get to have a more comfortable time inside. 

If you want to cut down on your monthly utility bills, consider window tinting. Rest assured that there are many window film companies that cater to commercial and residential properties in New Zealand. Yet, with the choices that you have, be sure to select a reputable company to ensure quality tints that are worth the investment. 

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