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If you are just starting your business, you will be very careful about how you spend your money. You will meticulously count every dollar of revenue from a sale or a new deal. You will probably also scrutinise every expense. You might also look for ways to make your operations more efficient so you can have more money to put back into your business. One of the best investments new business owners can make to improve their bottom line is glass window tinting.

While it may not seem like much, window tint can bring many benefits to commercial establishments, especially those starting up. If you just opened a new shop or office, you are probably paying expensive rent, utilities, and taxes. You can minimise these and improve the conditions inside your space with a simple window tint solution.

If you are looking for a worthwhile investment for your start-up, here are several ways a good window tint can benefit you:


1. Minimise your overhead costs

 Shops and commercial establishments usually have large storefront windows meant to attract customers and allow them to view your wares. If your store leads to the outdoors, the windows can be especially useful for natural lighting with exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, windows allow light as well as heat, raising the temperature inside your space. If you have a cooling system installed, the additional heat means it will have to work overtime to compensate. The harder it works, the higher your utility expenses. Overworked cooling equipment will also age and break down faster, requiring frequent maintenance or worse, replacement.


2. Improve comfort levels

Natural light can provide ample lighting, but when the sun is at its highest point during the day, it can make it too hot and too bright inside your store. Uncomfortable light can make for poor customer experience while inside your store. For new businesses, making a good impression is essential. The sun’s glare can also affect the view of your computer screens that your employees use to work. Too much light from the sun can also put you and your employees at risk for exposure to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, skin ageing, and even skin cancer.


3. Protect your merchandise from fading

 Light can not only affect humans, but it can destroy merchandise too. Keeping your products on display can make them vulnerable to fading and wrinkling from overexposure. You can lose a significant amount of money to inventory damage if you store your products near your windows. Around your office, wood and upholstery may fade as well from being bathed in the sun too long. Window film on your shop fronts can shield all of your merchandise and interior from sun damage while still allowing people to see inside.


4. Protect your store from vandalism

If your store is along the sidewalk or a busy street, you are bound to attract some uncouth individuals who will try to vandalise your store for fun. If they try to paint, scratch, or even break the windows, window film can minimise the damage. You can easily remove damaged anti-graffiti film to restore your store front’s look.


5. Give your back-of-house privacy

Window tint isn’t just for the shop fronts. It can help you make efficient use of your small space and provide privacy for areas that are off-limits to the public. Translucent film on glass partitions can offer privacy and create corner offices or meeting rooms that you and your employees can use without you needing to spend additional money on construction work.


To a fledgling business, every dollar counts. You can invest in smart solutions that will not only make your space more comfortable, but it will help you protect your inventory, your store, and your employees. Window tinting offers new businesses easy ways to reduce expenses without compromising on aesthetics and visibility.

Do you need window tinting services in the Bay of Plenty? We offer film products for residential and commercial applications. Visit our website for our full selection and the specifications of our tint, or contact us for expert advice on the right window solution for you.

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