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Retail establishments, restaurants, and other commercial buildings are vulnerable to small crimes like vandalism. Tagging is a common occurrence, and while it seems harmless, having graffiti on your windows is anything but art for business owners.

Acts of vandalism can lead to costly consequences – from tarnishing your reputation, eating your budget for clean-up and repairs, to interrupting operating hours. Not to mention, graffiti can surprisingly put many companies in a financial bind since no amount of scrubbing can get rid of the paint.

Fortunately, technologies like anti-graffiti film are rising in popularity due to its ability to improve the layer of protection for your window treatments.


How Does Anti-Graffiti Film Work?

Anti-graffiti film is made from a clear, self-adhesive layer that you can easily apply to flat areas like windows, signage, mirrors, and other smooth surfaces in your building. It can serve as a physical barrier that shields your windows from spray paint, permanent markers, and other similar mediums, along with a higher level of protection against scratching and acid scratching.

Seeing as it can shield your window treatment from various acts of vandalism, installing this multi-layer film is a cost-effective solution that can end your tagging nightmares, offering additional benefits such as the following:


Benefit #1: Anti-Graffiti Film Can Discourage Future Vandalism and Save You Money

As mentioned above, cleaning up vandalised works on your property can be expensive as it involves re-installing new windows and disrupting the workflow of your business. By installing the anti-graffiti window film, you put an end to future vandals from leaving colourful damages to your establishment.

It only takes one graffiti to inspire others to join, after all, so keeping yourself prepared using an anti-graffiti film is an excellent way to deter potential taggers from targeting your property. With virtually zero incidents in the next coming months, you can also save thousands of dollars in repairs down the line.


Benefit #2: Anti-Graffiti Film Can Preserve Existing Window Films

In addition to enhancing your layer of protection for your window treatments, an anti-graffiti film can also extend the lifespan and performance of your existing window film. This is because most anti-graffiti films are made with a clear coating, so it will not reduce visible light or interfere with the other features of your existing window tint.


Benefit #3: Anti-Graffiti Film Can Provide UV Protection  

Beyond shielding your windows from vandalism, an anti-graffiti film can work in conjunction with your existing window tint and improve its UV protection. From bouncing off 99 per cent of the sun’s harmful, UV light to reducing the heat penetrating your interior space, the anti-graffiti film is an excellent choice for enhancing your security.


The Bottom Line: Enhance the Beauty and Protect Your Windows Using a Multi-Layer, Anti-Graffiti Film

Installing clear, anti-graffiti window film to your property can enhance your security in various ways. From deterring future vandals, saving you from costly repairs, and maintaining a clean name, it’s a highly effective solution that’s worth the investment. 

Looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal and security of your window treatments? We offer the best and reliable window tinting services in New Zealand, so get in touch with us at Film Tint NZ for more details on how we can boost your security in more ways than one.

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