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If you have large portrait windows around your house, they can be a great way to appreciate the surrounding natural beauty as well as let in a lot of natural light. Filling your home with light from the sun can save you on electrical costs by providing warmth and illumination. Unfortunately, too much sun can also put your family at risk for serious health conditions from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a kind of electromagnetic radiation that originates from the sun. Humans need a little UV exposure for our bodies to produce vitamin D, which strengthens bones, muscles, and immune systems. When there is prolonged exposure to UV rays, then complications may arise.

When you go outside, you can protect yourself from these harmful rays by putting on sunscreen, wearing a hat, or using an umbrella. Some people tend to neglect the fact that you may still be exposed to UV rays while inside your house. You can protect yourself and your family from harm by window tinting to the glass panes of your windows.

Window tinting is a quick, easy, and effective way to block out UV rays without destroying your view. You can provide adequate protection while still getting the benefits of natural light. If you don’t, you may be putting you and your household at risk

Can cause sunburn

If you think you can only get sunburned while lying on the beach, think again. You can get sunburned while indoors if you fall asleep on your sofa with the curtains open. Staying too long in the sunlight, no matter where you are can cause your skin to redden and darken. Sunburned skin can be very painful, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Premature aging

Overexposure to the sun can cause your skin to deteriorate and make you look older than you are. UV damages the elasticity of the fibres of the skin. It causes skin to sag, and imperfections like wrinkles, freckles, and patches of dark skin to appear. Premature aging can also make skin feel leathery and coarse.

Skin cancer

A severe complication of sun exposure is forming tumours from the overgrowth of abnormal skin cells. Two types of skin cancer exist, melanoma and non-melanoma, with the former being the more serious and fatal of the two. New Zealand has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world. Many people develop skin cancer at later stages in life, after being exposed to it for long periods in their younger years.

Weakened immune systems

Some people may experience sensitivity to UV light while taking medication for a condition. They may be more likely to sunburn, or their symptoms may be aggravated by chronic exposure to the sun. UV rays can also affect the proper function of the immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to developing infections.


You are more likely to develop cataracts if you spend more time in the sun. Cataracts happen when the outer film or lens of a person’s eye is damaged. It can lead to blurred vision, inability to see colours correctly, and trouble seeing at night.

You can drastically reduce your risk of developing these conditions by applying tint to your windows. A custom-designed film can block as much as 99.99 per cent of UV rays from penetrating your windows. You can continue to enjoy your view unobstructed while providing crucial protection for yourself and your family.

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