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Adding security and privacy features to your home may be expensive. Similarly, home insulation is even more costly and high-maintenance. Fortunately, home manufacturers have created a product that serves both those functions in a relatively cheaper and low-maintenance fashion: window film.

Window films provide plenty of benefits, which is why they are continually becoming more prevalent in many homes and offices. If you want to save costs but want to secure your home and insulate your home, you should consider installing window films.


Benefits of installing window films

Many homeowners choose to install window films in their homes for various reasons. Not only is it relatively cheaper than other privacy home features you can have, but it can also save you costs on your energy bill.

Other reasons why you should install a window film in your home are:

  • It adds an extra layer of security and safety
  • It helps insulate your home, saving you costs
  • It adds aesthetics to your property
  • It reduces the glare that comes in your home, which may be harmful to your health


Is window film eco-friendly?

Now that more people are considering using “green” appliances, materials, and the like when purchasing items in their household or for their personal needs, many wonder whether window films are eco-friendly. Some manufacturers claim that their products are safe and beneficial for the environment, and here are two reasons why:


1. It helps you save on your utility and energy bills 

More than its security and privacy benefits, a window film is known and admired for its ability to function as extra insulation in many houses, offices, and commercial establishments. True to their claims, window films are designed to insulate your home by blocking heat, glare, infrared, and UV rays from entering. When these harmful elements are blocked from your windows, the cool air in your home will be maintained, meaning you will tend to use your cooling system less frequently.

The same applies during cold seasons. During winter, homeowners turn on the heat on the HVAC system to keep their homes warm and cozy. In this case, the window film helps keep your home insulated by helping keep the heat inside.


2. It uses “safer” plastic materials 

Many of the window films sold at the market today are made of vinyl. In case you didn’t know, vinyl is a type of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is not eco-friendly at all since breaking down these materials would require plenty of time and limited natural resources.

On a positive note, many window film manufacturers today use various materials such as ceramics, metals, carbon fibre, and other safer plastics such as polyethylene. These are more easily recyclable compared to other manufacturing materials.

Another reason why window films are eco-friendly is that they are durable and can last long. You would not need to buy replacements frequently and dispose of your old window films.



Window films are praised for their many benefits. People are starting to embrace the use of these films in their homes, knowing that they are more eco-friendly compared to other options. It helps keep your home insulated, allowing you to save costs and energy. Additionally, manufacturers today are producing films using “safer plastics.”

If you are an environment-conscious person who wants to save costs insulating while securing your home, installing window film in your home is the solution that you need.

If you want to install house tinting at Bay of Plenty, contact our team today. Our professional installers use the best quality window films to ensure safety and security in your home.

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