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Proper window protection is important, which is why window tints are sought after by homeowners all across the world. A window security film is known to provide a greater level of sun protection to homes and those who live within them. With laminated layers of thick polyester film, security films reinforce windows while allowing the same visibility from indoors.

If you plan to get a window security film, keep in mind that the thicker it is, the greater its strength. If you’re wondering whether you need one in the first place, here’s our case for the investment:


Window Security Films Help Protect Against Extreme Weather

Hail, thunderstorms, and other extreme weather conditions can damage your windows. A window security film comes with shatter-resistant properties that keep your windows intact despite the storm.


Window Security Films Help  Reduce Risks of Injuries

Since a window security film can prevent shattered glass, it protects a home or office’s residents from being injured by glass shards. A security film for your windows will provide additional strength and keep it intact even when it breaks.


Window Security Films Minimize Scratches

If you have pets and kids at home, you can benefit from a security film for your windows because it features an anti-scratch layer. You won’t have to worry about nails or toys scratching your windows as they will be protected at all times.


Window Security Films Limit UV Rays

UV rays are harmful to the skin and it can also cause damage to your furniture. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your personal belongings by installing a security film that can provide you with a layer of UV protection.


Window Security Films Deter Burglars

One of the primary motivations of a burglar is the items inside. Simply by keeping your valuables hidden from view, you remove a factor. Window film is a relatively affordable investment that will allow you to protect your items from any wandering eyes outside.


Installation of Window Film

Proper installation of window films is crucial. It is done by retrofitting it inside the existing windows. When not done correctly, creases and air bubbles may appear, which will ruin the film. We always recommend that you leave the job to professionals.


There are different installation methods for window tints:

  • Daylight – This method involves leaving a tiny gap between the window frame and the film. It is considered to be the easiest method to install a window tint. However, this method often does not provide you with enough protection from aggressive intruders or bomb blasts.
  • Anchored – This involves two methods—the first one is the mechanical method wherein the film is attached to the actual window frame. It is inside the edge of the glass and extends further and is attached to metal battens or other devices. The wet method, on the other hand, attaches the film to the window film using an adhesive sealant, which is applied around the film’s edges to create a strong bond between the frame and the film.



Protecting your property in ways that you can is crucial, and one thing that you can do is to have window security films installed. There are plenty of window tint suppliers out there who can also install them for you.

Our team at Film Tint NZ specializes in window tints for the house and office in New Zealand. We also offer specialized window films such as safety and security films – contact us today!

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