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Summer is all fun until your home feels like an oven inside. You might think it’s climate change or “just the heat outside,” but your clear, transparent windows might be the culprit behind the increase in your room temperature.

The sun rays are not the only source of indoor heat at this time of year. Include hot spots, UV rays, and glare to the list.

For this kind of problem, a house window tinting might be the solution you’re looking for. Hit two birds with one stone. This way, you get a cooler and more comfortable indoor temperature, and you lessen your potential energy consumption and expense.


How does window film work?


1. Window tints are like filters

When your window is tinted, it will naturally block the solar heat coming inside your home. Window tints are specially designed to reduce the radiation entering your windows. Light may still enter but the tint blocks the heat.

Window tints also help trap the cool temperature inside. There is no need to overwork your AC units, resulting in lower electricity bills.


2. They reduce glare

Glare happens when you’re driving your car and you experience difficulty in seeing because of a direct or reflected light.

In a home setting, you might experience glare when watching TV, working on your laptop or mobile phone. That can sometimes cause eye strains and headaches.

Most cars nowadays have automatic anti-glare functions in their windows and mirrors, but houses don’t. A house without tints or films will let the natural, bright light in, allowing it to bounce around the house and reflect on screens.

Film tint helps address this. Its performance also adjusts depending on the sun’s location and strength.


3. Window tint protects your skin

Remember why they advise using sunscreen even when inside your house? It’s because UV rays travel and reach your skin even when you’re not under direct sunlight.

When your window is clear, it will invite more light in. More light is equal to more UV rays, and too much UV rays can cause sunburn or skin cancer. So, a window film can help block these harmful UV rays.


4. They increase safety and privacy

You don’t want the world to watch your every move. When you have a window tint, you get the privacy you need. You can skip the blinds and work your privacy with style.

With a tinted window, the whole world won’t know what valuables you have inside your home. Moreover, you are free to do and wear anything you want inside your home this hot summer.



Window tint is not just a simple window accessory. It has several functions and benefits to make your living space more comfortable during this time of the year.

Besides its multiple functions, there are also several types of window films to choose from. Each will give your house a unique feel and look. Consult a professional to know which type you need.

Thinking of getting safety and security film tint for your homes or commercial spaces? You’ve come to the right place. We specialise in window tinting in Bay of Plenty. Get in touch with us today.

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