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Commercial buildings typically come with a majority of its outside made of glass. While most people will tell you to place window films on it for all various reasons, such as security and cost reductions, what would you do with the glass panels within the building itself? Should you put the same type of window film? Although you can go for that option, it is highly recommended that you opt for graphic window films instead!

In this article, we will share with you three reasons to do so:


1. It enhances privacy

If you are looking for one of the easiest and cost-effective options when it comes to improving privacy for rooms that are built with glass walls, graphic window films will be your best solution.

They can be applied in any way, shape, and form on the glass. For example, if you just wanted the film to go across the glass in the middle, you can do that to add a bit of privacy while still adding some visuals to the area. If you wanted to cover the entire glass, you can also do it with graphic films for maximum privacy.


2. It boosts aesthetics

Probably the biggest reason you would want to use graphic window films inside your commercial building would be to use them to convey a message or enhance aesthetics. For example, if you have a hallway that ran through multiple rooms and is surrounded by glass, you can write your entire vision or motto right there with graphical films.

Another way you can use these films is to enhance a room’s effectiveness. For example, if you have a place explicitly built for employees to come and relax, you can use graphic films that emanate an aura of friendliness and relaxation. If you had another room built for office workers, you could use these films to create a professional atmosphere to promote productivity and quality as well.

Finally, if you have people visiting your building often in forms of school trips and company visitations, these films will not only have to act as visual enhancers but also marketing materials. With it, you can build an attractive corporate image that attracts customers to do business with you, effectively turning them into potential leads.


3. It increases security

Perhaps one of the hidden benefits of these graphic window films is that it enhances security. While they might look aesthetically pleasing and help improve some privacy, the films essentially strengthen the glass it is placed on.

Not only does the glass look much more attractive, but if you were to run into it or hit it accidentally, the glass would also be able to withstand a little bit more force. If it does break and shatter, the film does its job by ensuring that as much of the glass is held together as possible.



At this point, you now have a few reasons to utilise graphic window films for your commercial property. With it installed in the interiors or your building, it will increase privacy, and provide an aesthetically pleasing and secure environment. Plus, with the flexibility of graphic window films in terms of design and usage, you have the freedom to use it in any way you want!

If you are looking for graphic window film in New Zealand for your commercial building, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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