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Businesses all over the world have begun investing in window tinting. In fact, research shows that window tinting saw a sharp increase in demand in 2018, mostly accommodating to commercial buildings. Merely two years later, those numbers continue to rise. As a business owner, you may be curious about all the advantages it could bring to your business. After all, this is an investment that heights curb appeal and at the same time, helps your business grow.

In this article, we will share with you three reasons your business needs window tints:


1. It helps you cut down on costs

The first and most important benefit of getting window tinting is to save up on costs. If you find yourself spending too much on commercial utilities, your office’s temperature may not be regulated properly.

Investing in tinted windows is the perfect solution for this. The tints will filter the heat out of the sunlight pouring in, leaving your space cool throughout the day. Your air conditioning won’t be working twice as hard to regulate the temperature as well, ultimately reducing energy costs. For the winter season, the tints will act as insulators, helping your space retain warmth longer, and heating costs will also be cut down!


2. It protects and deflects from glare and UV rays

Glare reflections are annoying to deal with, and it can even be dangerous at times. If your employees work with computers, the glare may be preventing them from properly seeing computer screens. In the worst cases, continuous exposure to glare spots can eventually lead to eye damage.

As a business owner, protecting your employees should be tantamount. Curtains can be an option, but it will completely block light off, leading you to use fluorescent lights, which are additional energy costs on your end!

With tinted windows, you will be able to let natural light in while blocking harmful glares. They will also protect you and the rest of your team from harmful UV rays, the leading cause of skin cancer. In addition, faded walls and discoloured furniture are also the results of heat damage. Through the installation of tints, you’ll be protecting every aspect of your business!


3. It ensures privacy and better security

Regardless of whether you’re a retail shop owner or the CEO of an office, the prying eyes of the public are best to avoid. Tinted windows will help protect you and employees, helping everyone feel more comfortable and secure as they go about their business. Stores with tinted windows, on the other hand, help make customers feel protected as they browse through your catalogues. In addition to upholding privacy, your business also needs a boost in security.

Glass windows displaying expensive equipment and merchandise will be easy to target. Tints, especially thick films, make your glass windows tougher to crack; instead of shattering, they make glass stick together into clumps if it breaks! This delay could demotivate the attempted robbery, or perhaps provide ample time for the authorities to arrive.



Many businesses now see the benefits of installing window tints and are quick to join in on the investment. These tints were originally intended for cars, but now the demand has branched out to homes and businesses. With this, you will be able to reduce costs and bask in the many other benefits it brings, including safety, privacy, and security — the return of an investment will be apparent!

For your window tinting needs in Tauranga, we provide tints for your houses and offices, using only the best window films for added safety and security. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you save on costs and help your business grow!

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