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You can get a lot of benefits from tinting your window. Aside from helping you keep a semblance of privacy, the dark shades can also protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Not to mention, it also helps lower the temperature of your car or home. Over the years, improvements in the tinting industry have been made and developed to cater to everyone’s comfort and needs. Apart from the practical benefits that an individual can get from these shades, it also provides an improvement to the aesthetic and feel of your home or car.

In choosing the best window tint for you, though, several factors need to be considered. How much protection will you or your passengers need? Do you want it solely to improve the look of your property? Which type of tint would help you cut the cost in the long run?


When it comes to the quality of your window film tint, most people believe that by going with a cheaper alternative, they’re saving more money. However, this is a fatal mistake for consumers to make. In opting for a cheap tint, you’ll be receiving a product with less-than-stellar quality, as regular tints are usually made out of low-quality material—hence its cheapness.  Additionally, the adhesive used may be of poor quality, which can cause ugly air bubbles to form between the tint film and the window. Over time, a cheaper tint may start to peel away from the glass due to the low-quality materials that were used. This will force you to reapply the coating to all of your windows, resulting in more money and time wasted than if you had bought a durable, more quality window tint to begin with.


Another common mistake people make when they hear the word ‘premium’ is that the product will be automatically expensive or out of budget. Sure, the cost difference between a cheap tint and a premium tint may be quite large in the beginning, but consumers fail to take into account the additional expense a low-quality tint will cost them in the future. With a cheaper tint, the probability of redoing your window coating a few times more than necessary is greater than investing in a durable premium car tint. On average, the cheaper alternatives can last up to three years, while the premium tints will guarantee to last you at least twice that.

Investing in Quality

A tinted window is not only more practical to have, but it’s also safer. An untreated window allows harmful IR and UV rays of the sun a seventy-percent level of penetration through the glass. Despite still being shaded from being indoors, this is still a significant number that could cause you health problems over time. By taking advantage of a premium window tint, not only are you investing in a quality product, but you’re investing in your health and safety as well.

Film Tint NZ specialises in house window tinting, office window tinting, and specialised window films such as safety and security films. Get in touch today to install premium window tints and add value to your property!

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