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Over the past years, the window film industry has grown tremendously. Because of such growth, there are now many window film manufacturers that make great promises about their products. While some may deliver, others don’t have the same capacity to materialize their promises. Since not all window film manufacturers are the same, it’s important that you filter them out before hiring one for your home project. After all, it’s only wise to make sure that a service company is worth spending money on.

Ideally, window tints help to enhance the appeal of the house. However, if they are not applied professionally, the room or building might look worse when compared to how it was before. If the installation goes wrong, the owners will end up having to spend more money to replace the failed ones.

If you want to prevent such unnecessary circumstances, every home or business owner must make sure that their window tints are applied the right way at the first try. Before hiring a window film company, here are four tips to help you make informed decisions:

Be a diligent consumer

As a consumer, it’s important to review what a company has to offer before availing their products or services. Keep in mind that a window film company must offer product brands that are reputable. Their installers must have the right skills and experience to carry out the job efficiently, and the company must also have the appropriate certifications and permits to run the business.

Be wary of companies that offer exaggerated promises because they might not be able to keep such promises. It is best to find a company that has a well-established brand, and a good basis for references is checking them up on Better Business Bureau to find out whether or not they have negative reviews.

Don’t rely on second-guesses

Before hiring installers, make sure that they conduct a site visit and give an accurate estimate. Take note that this initial stage must be given for free. A professional company must provide sample specifications sheets to help their clients decide which film they prefer. During the site visit, the company determines the scope of work required for the installation. By carefully assessing the site, the installers can give a concise price estimate so that there will be no confusion when it comes to billing.

Understand the risks

Look for a company that won’t let its customers remain blindsided by the risks involved in the sales transaction. Like any product in the market, window tint films also have their own set of risks. The window tint representative must explain the potential risk for glass breakage and seal failures and educate their clients about the proper maintenance and handling of window tints.

Make sure to obtain a warranty

In an ideal situation, the window tint company must issue an invoice that includes a warranty statement that is directly offered from the manufacturer. Choose residential window film tints that are covered by a 10-15-year warranty because they are considered as investments. For this reason, it is best to secure a warranty because it is the company’s assurance that your window tints can last for as long as possible.


At this point, you have several tips to remember before choosing a particular window film company. When in the process, keep the tips mentioned above in mind so that you will have peace of mind with your installation provider. Film Tint NZ is a leading company in the window film industry that guarantees quality products and timely delivery. They specialize in providing window tints that are perfect for every home or business.

If you’re looking for window film in the Bay of Plenty region, get in touch with Film Tint NZ today to see how we can help your needs!

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