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Window films are a material commonly found used in cars as it blocks the amount of light entering the car. However, other than being used solely for cars, window films can be used in other instances as well.

Implementing it for home is also a simple and effective way to block sunlight, which in turn, lessens the heat at home to reduce the workload for the air-conditioning unit. This translates into lower electricity bills.

A window film also helps block out dangerous UV rays, improves privacy, and keeps your furniture from fading, among many others! If you want to add window films to your home, here are three things you’ll have to consider:

1 – Opacity/VLT

Not all window films look the same, or in this case, come with the same opacity. Manufacturers often have different levels of densities offered to fit different needs. With the lighter ones, you allow more light inside the home and doesn’t provide as much insulation, although you may opt for this if you still want to have a clear outside view. Darker ones will block much light along with UV rays and provide more privacy to those inside the house.

2 – Colour/tinge

Most window tints come in a neutral colour, silver or grey. However, a variety of colours are offered as well. If you want to create a sense of warmth in your room, use yellow-tinted films. If you want something to look more serene, try a blue film instead. Keep in mind that this is visible from the interior and the exterior of the house.

You wouldn’t want to install tints that clash with your furniture colour either. If you’re going to install window tints but cannot think of the right colour, you can never go wrong with a grey or black window tint. These two colours will always stay elegant and chic.

3 – Pattern

If you’re looking for more intricate designs, window films come in those as well! You can find many to have patterns and images etched into the films, as they aren’t only offered in one solid colour. From coloured stripes to flowers and stars, there are many designs to fit your needs.

However, this type of film is not for everyone, as some people may look for more simplistic designs. If you’re planning to add patterned window films, do not go overboard with it. However, if you need a little more design aspect to complete your home, decorative window films may do the job well!

Get creative and experiment! You don’t have to apply the tint to every window in your home. You can use a tint that interests you in one room. After that, you can decide to keep or replace it with something else.

Keep in mind that the most critical part of tinting is that you will like the result. However, keep in mind, there are regulations in some areas about window tinting. Before you start your project, make sure that the tint of choice falls under regulations or your strata management.

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