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Many people assume that adding tints to their office windows is a terrible idea. This belief usually is rooted in the fact that it isn’t uncommon to see poorly installed window tints or old film that has already deteriorated, looking absolutely horrible. However, technology has come quite far in the past few years, and there are so many benefits that you can enjoy from having window tints installed.

Here are four particular ways that your company can benefit from professionally installed window tints:

1 – Window Tint Blocks Excess Heat

Are you aware that approximately one-third of a building’s cooling load is the result of solar heat that has entered through the windows? The sun is hot, sure. If your windows are transparent, all that light which is heat will penetrate easily and warm up your workspace.

Window tints will reflect the sun’s rays and absorb the heat, maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and making the building much cooler and more comfortable.

Many modern buildings are designed in a relatively simple manner. They are structures that are hollow inside where cubicles are set up for offices. In this design, the offices closer to the windows are much warmer than officers nearer the centre, especially if the windows face south.

Even with technology, modern cooling systems still face difficulties maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the structure. With window tints, your building will be able to maintain more stable temperatures, thus reducing the load on your cooling systems and helping you save on electrical bills.

2 – Window Tint Reduces Glare

It’s wonderful to have a room lit naturally, but everything depends on your building’s orientation and the position of the sun. Glare can be a real issue for you and your workers. For those who usually work with computers all day, screen glare can cause eye strain and induce headaches.

Thus, installing window tints help reduce glare by minimizing the amount of sunlight getting through. This also helps prevent any light from bouncing off reflective surfaces and furniture that can contribute to more glare.

The UV light from the sun can also be reduced with tinted windows. If you have any furniture close to windows, the UV light can cause the furniture to start fading. Drapes, carpet, artwork, and photos can all suffer from UV rays. Save your furniture and your workers and install tinted windows. You don’t have to use dark tints. In fact, you can use fully transparent films that offer protection from the rays.

3 – Window Tint Improves Security and Privacy

Window films are great at maintaining privacy. They allow people indoors to see out and enjoy the view while averting the gaze of people outdoors. Moreover, they do all of this while allowing light to pass through! As for security, films come in varying thicknesses. This helps increase a window’s resistance to breaking, thus improving safety overall. In case of any shattering, the film helps keep the windows intact, keeping those around the glass safe.

4 – Window Tint Makes Your Building Look Good

Don’t let transparent windows give your building a messy look. Tinted windows can make the whole thing look uniform. You can even take it up a notch with custom tints that can display your company logo, business name, and anything at all. You can also add texture to add a ‘feel’ to your building’s look.

With a professional’s help, your tinted windows can last up to twenty years and can reach a return on investment within three! Start today and install tinted windows. For most who have used window tints, they have one regret: they didn’t do it sooner!

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