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Installing residential window tinting in New Zealand is an effective way to keep your home safe from harm. Window films are a very thin laminate film made of polyester layers. These layers combined are only a few millimetres thick. The window film is placed on the inside of the window with a specific adhesive. The ways these films are manufactured vary depending on the primary purpose of the residential window tinting.

With so many different types of window films on the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that is best for your home. If you are planning to install residential window films in Australia, then it is crucial that you know about all the options available to make sure that you pick the right one. This article will outline some of the most common types of residential window films for your information. See below:

1. Solar Control Film

Solar control film can also be referred to as Low-E film. As the name suggests, the main function of the solar control film is to deflect UV rays from the sun. By blocking out harmful rays, helps protect your furnishings, decor, and other belongings inside your house from fading and discolouring. Moreover, the solar film can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. With solar film, there is less heat conduction through the windows, which means that you will get to enjoy the benefit of getting more natural light while still being protected from the heat and harmful rays. This is advantageous during both the summer and winter days.

2. Security Film

Security films are typically tinted to deter intruders from invading into your home and stealing your things. By installing security film, it will be much harder for intruders to see through the windows. Even better, intruders will also have a difficult time breaking the glass as well. Unlike untreated glass that shatters easily, windows with security film will not shatter. Although the film does not stop the glass from breaking, it can hold broken pieces together, making it harder for intruders to come inside through the broken window. Also, security film can also be extremely helpful in the case of an accident as the glass stays attached to the film, minimizing the risk of bystanders and anyone inside the house getting injured.

3. Storm Security Film

Similar to security film, storm security film can hold together when broken. It is designed specially to prevent the glass from shattering from flying objects and debris in a storm, preventing injuries that typically occur during vicious storms.

4. Decorative Film

Decorative films are the thinnest out of all the residential window films. Their main purpose is to improve the aesthetic appeal of a house or building with designs or textures. For example, frosted films are commonly used for a decorative purpose while allowing light to get inside as well as enhancing privacy.

5. Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti window films are used to prevent paint and pen graffiti. The film is applied to the outside of windows for this very purpose, protecting the windows from paint or pen, which can be easily removed.

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