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You may already know this, but window tinting can offer you a wide range of benefits. Not only can it improve the energy efficiency of your building, but it can also enhance your privacy as well as protect you from harmful UV rays.

However, with so many types of window tint to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for you. To help you pick the best window tint film for you, outlined below are different types of window tint for your information:

1. Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window tint film is one of the most affordable options out there. The tint has a dye placed to the adhesive that helps block the rays fro m the sun by absorbing them before they get inside the house. Although this film is affordable than most, it is not as functional as other tints when it comes to heat reduction. Also, the dye fades over time and the color will eventually disappear. If you want your dyed window tint film to last, then it is important that you care for and maintain it well.

2. Metal Tint

The metalized tint reflects the heat instead of absorbing it as dyed tint does. With metal tint films, you will never have to worry about color fading over time. However, one major downside to metal tint is that it can interfere with your devices. For example, you may experience some interference when using cell phones, GPS, or other devices used for communication. Therefore, you should take this point into consideration before fully committing to this type of window tint.

3. Carbon Window Tint Film

Carbon window tint film is great for heat reduction and does not interfere with your devices. This type of window tint typically comes with a dark, matte finish, which looks better on windows than a solid color.

4. Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint is the strongest type of window tint on this list, as well as the most expensive. The film contains ceramic particles that are nonconductive and also nonmetallic. It also helps to block up to fifty percent of heat as well. In addition, the ceramic tint will not interfere with any of your electronic devices.

5. Privacy Tint

If privacy is your top priority, then privacy window tint is your perfect option. The tint allows light to get through to the home or building but distorts it so that no one can see in from the outside. For maximum privacy, you can even make your entire window appear black.

6. Decorative Tint

Your windows can be decorative as well as functional. Instead of a plain, black window, go for a decorative tint where you can choose your own pattern and design. There is no limit here, so let your creative juices flow!

The Bottom Line

By now, you should have some idea about what kind of window tint is the most suitable for you. Of course, your final choice will mostly come down to your needs and personal preference. If you’re looking for the best window tinting service in New Zealand, Film Tint NZ is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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