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If you didn’t know this before, then this is the perfect opportunity for you reduce your energy cost with the installation of window films. The films will help regulate the temperature in the properties, during both the summer and winter times. Here’s how you can reduce your energy costs this year with a good tint job.

UV Rays Are a Year-Round Concern

The sunshine all year round. It might be less pervasive in winter, but the UV rays still exist and equally harmful to you and your family. With our architecturally designed window tint films, you can reduce the UV exposure in your home by as much as 99%.

Even though it might not be hot in the summer, but the prevalence of the UV rays correlates directly with the exposure to the sun. Especially if you live in areas with snow, the reflective nature of snow can amplify the intensity of UV rays, causing skin cancer all the same. You can reduce UV exposure today by installing a high-quality window film.

Heat Conduction and Heat Gain

Modern houses have a lot of windows, whether it’s the skylights or windows, you are allowing a lot of sunlight to enter your home. This gives the open and broad feel to your homes. However, windows can be the reason why your energy bills are skyrocketing in the summer, as it allows a lot of heat in, forcing you to overwork your AC.

Window films are designed to insulate your house in the winter and block out unwanted heat in the summer. This can be achieved without sacrificing the light exposure in your house, while simultaneously blocking out harmful UV rays out.


Convection and Heat Loss 

As mentioned, heat-blocking window films can help insulate your house in the winter.

Because heat can escape through untinted windows freely, due to the convection effect. When the cold air cools down your window, it exchanges the heat in your house to the other side of the window at the same time. This can make your house feels colder than it has to be, as it can’t retain heat effectively, making you waste your money on the heater.

Thermal windows film adds a layer of insulation to trap heat inside your house and reduce the convection effect. This is exactly what you want to regulate the temperature.


Choose an  Insulated Window Tint to Prevent Heat Gain and Loss

As you can see, window tinting is a great way to regulate your home’s temperature while keeping your energy bills low. If you feel like your house is trapping heat in the summer and wasting it in the winter, consult with us about your options to make your house more comfortable this upcoming season!

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